29 January, 2017


Ever since I knew what an epidural was, I have decided it was not something I wanted. Now that I am older and wiser, I recognize that it may be unavoidable at some point, but I still do not want one. My mother birthed all eight of her babies (yes, I come from a large family) naturally. She was one tough woman. Her first labor was definitely the worst. She was in labor at the hospital for around seventeen hours and was diagnosed with preeclampsia, but still labored naturally and successfully gave birth to my oldest sister. (And that was in 1979--well before natural births were common.)
I knew as I got pregnant that I would have to find a technique that worked with me. There are not too many average American women that can go into labor and deliver without painkillers or having been taught a birthing technique. I looked up Lamaze breathing because that is what my mother did. I was not terribly excited about what I read. The Bradley method sounded interesting, but for some reason, it did not click with me. Finally I found HypnoBirthing and enjoyed what I read. It took me a while to find a class that was relatively close to where I live. Finally, when I was at my December appointment with my midwife, she suggested a name that was in my area. I signed up for the five week class and we got started.
The instructor is a wonderful lady who could talk for hours about anything and everything. She is a pool of birthing wisdom. She has stories for everything. I have been to three of the five classes and am extremely glad that I can attend any of her future classes for free because I would love to learn everything again before baby girl comes. (Husband had to miss yesterday's class because he was not feeling well at all, so we will probably at least attend a repeat of that class.) The first class was all about what HypnoBirthing is and what we would get out of this class. The second class contained information about the scripts and hypnosis. Yesterday's class was all about the science of birth and the best way to get through the process. I am excited to see what the last two classes hold.
Husband and I have been practicing going into the deep relaxation. I fall asleep somewhat frequently because we are only home together right before I go to sleep.
I cannot wait to become more adept at the whole process and to see how it works with my labor and delivery.

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