Our History

My husband and I have been married for five years. We have been going through the joys of trying for children for over two years. During that time, we have had three miscarriages, a cancer diagnosis for the husband, three IUIs, a male infertility prognosis, and the beginnings of IVF.

The blog has a mix of memories of the process and current news. Here is a chronological list of these posts:
Beginning of Marriage
Let's Start Trying
First Pregnancy
Appointment for First Pregnancy
First Miscarriage
After the Miscarriage
Second Miscarriage
Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis
First Infertility Appointment
The First IUI
Getting Ready for the Second IUI
HCG Trigger Shot for Second IUI (and my first time stabbing myself with a needle)
Second IUI
Two Week Wait for IUI #2
IUI #2 Result: Failure
Getting Ready for Third IUI
Third IUI
Two Week Wait for IUI #3
IUI #3 Result: Failure
Considering IVF
What a Month of IVF Looks Like

Still coming:
Third Miscarriage
IUI #1

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