15 May, 2016

What's Next?

My two week wait us almost over. I go in for blood work on Wednesday. I honestly have not had too much time to think about the results. Normally after an IUI, I lay down the rest of the day, but I needed to wait at the hospital five hours longer than expected for my husband's surgery to finish. It was an emotionally exhausting day (anytime you sit with a loved one in post-op, watching therm throw up an bleed continually for a few hours is exhausting). When husband asked how my procedure went, I honestly forgot I had done anything.
In my usual "don't get my hopes up" way, I am pretending it will not work out and I have began contemplating what to do next.
It sounds like my clinic does three or so IUIs before they move onto something else. However, we have one more sample frozen.
Do we move onto IVF, try one last IUI, or even look at adoption?
It's a hard choice.
Adoption may be out of the picture for now. We will most likely move out of state in a year so we'd deal with getting all the adoption work now, but the timing may be such that it wouldn't work out so we would have to go through part of the process again in another state.
If we did one more IUI, the next week I'm going on a trip with my husband, father, and two brothers across the British isles and I would be unable to take progesterone. I would want to have the biggest change possible. However, if we decide that IVF is the choice for us, it's something I would want to get out of the way during the summer time so that hormones and doctor appointments would not interfere with and scare a new group of kids.

It's a tricky decision.

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