21 May, 2016

IUI #3? Unsuccessful

I got the phone call on Wednesday. I was slightly hopeful because the first call I got from them was at 10:00. That's super early! I was hoping the good news calls went out first.
Not so.
When the nurse called, I explained incognito that we wanted to try IUI one more time as we're a special case due to the cancer and there's one more sample in our sperm bank. (There were a couple kids nearby. 12-year-olds do not respond positively to the word "sperm.") She understood my jumbled words and told me to call on cycle day one.
Yesterday was definitely cycle day one. I called and we set up an appointment for after school on Monday. I was so thankful because I usually have to ditch my students on another teacher for fifteen minutes for these short visits.
Twenty minutes later, the same nurse called back and told me we were actually going to skip this month. (No!) Because my doctor decided she needed to see us first. So we're going in on Thursday to talk things through.
We'll see what happens.

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