04 May, 2016

IUI three

I'm heading in this morning for number three. There's a slight problem because husband is having a surgery this morning too.
It would be a great story. "Your father was in a different city when I conceived you."
Husband likes this version from his point of view, "I was basically unconscious when you were conceived."
I did five days of femara this month with some nausea.
Yesterday was crazy. I went in for my ultrasound and the technician was happy with how things were looking. "You need to do the trigger shot like right now."
Problem #1. Technically, we ordered the trigger shot the previous day from a pharmacy in another state. I did not know if it had arrived yet.
Problem #2. I snuck out of work (with my boss's knowledge) to go to the appointment. I couldn't take the extra 40 minutes it would have taken to drive home, inject myself, and get back to school.
Problem #3. Husband was at work which is unusual because he normally works nights.
Thankfully husband could sneak away from work to grab the package (delivery notification popped up on my phone as I walked out of the clinic), bring it to me, and hide out in the conference room to inject me.

Third time's the charm?

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