06 April, 2016

Hcg trigger shot

This morning I was supposed to inject myself with hcg hormone in my stomach.
I meticulously prepped the fluid and triple checked to make sure there were no bubbles in the container.
And then...I couldn't do it. I knew it wouldn't hurt. After having my blood drawn over 20 times in the past year, I was past any thought of pain from the needle. It was the idea of inflicting harm upon myself.
I thought back to an experience I had as a teen. I managed to step on a toothpick and gouge it quite a ways into my foot. I was never able to remove it. No. It's not still in my foot. I made my brother pull it out.
After thirty minutes of trying to psych myself up and counting down and the distraction of Sia and MJ crooning into my ear (not together), I begged my husband to be a man and stab me.
He got it done in less than ten seconds.
Bless him.
Neither one of us knew if he'd be able to; he gets squeamish around blood and needles and the likes.
Now I have an appointment for tomorrow for IUI number two to hopefully work.

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