10 April, 2016

IUI number two

I went in on Thursday for my second IUI. It was a breeze compared to the first one. It was also the first time husband and I drove to the clinic in one car! Normally I have work when the appointment has ended and he has to hustle up to school.
The waiting room was sparsely filled with other patients and we settled down on a loveseat as we waited for my name to be called.
We talk about all sorts of things in the waiting room. Maybe we talk to appear normal. It's normal to be in the waiting room of a fertility doctor. We need to put on the facade just like everyone else.
You see all types of people at the doctor. I've seen plenty of mother/daughter duos. I know if my mother was alive and healthy, she'd be there whenever I wanted her to be. You see the sad women. You see the first timers with their huge packet of papers. You see moms that already have children. I wonder how they feel. Do they hurt any less than I do because they already have little ones to love?
Every time the door opens, I sit up slightly in anticipation. The more the door opens and other women's names are called, the less attention is paid by me.
On Thursday we waited around fifteen minutes. I heard my name called and we were ushered into our procedural room. I whispered to my husband that I hoped my favorite nurse would do the procedure. I've seen several nurses, but she's the one we have seen the most. She waves to me when we see each other across the clinic. Of course she did not walk I the door when we heard the courtesy knock.
She used a different catheter than last time and it only took a couple minutes from start to finish.
The progesterone this time is causing lots of emotions. Mostly negative ones. I hope the two week wait goes by faster until the next blood draw on the 21.

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