01 June, 2016

What does an IVF Schedule Look Like?

The real question is, what are my next two months going to look like? The biggest problem is that I am off to Europe next week so I get to start some of these fun drugs while enjoying the sights.
There are so many fun colors on the calendar I was given today by the IVF specialist assigned to me. Granted, if I was in charge of choosing the colors, I probably would have chosen a lighter shade of green, a nice teal, and a coral. It would look much more adorable. We met for almost two hours today discussing what is going to happen and the order of events and all the drama and drugs that come with this procedure. We left with a navy folder packed full of information sheets, permission forms, and the calendar below.
As we covered all the information, I realized it still has not sunk in that all these dates and drugs as for me. I am the one that gets to stab herself and stick to a medication schedule. I need to get used to the idea of needles. I am not squeamish. Much. I just cannot stand the idea of stabbing myself with a needle. Even when I am done with this organized chaos, for every single pregnancy I have to do two injections a day for the duration of the pregnancy.

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