28 June, 2016

Cycle Day Eleven: A Look at IVF Meds

The medications for IVF are intense and expensive. They are around a fifth the cost of IVF. First there are the ones that can be purchased at your local pharmacy. (How many people buy pregnancy tests and birth control pill on the same day?)

This morning, an impressive box showed up on our front door.

Inside was a styrofoam cooler, filled to the brim with meds and needles.

Unpacking the box almost felt like Christmas. I felt that way because the cost of the medications greatly exceeds the cost of Christmas. As I start taking each one, I will detail what it is used for.

I also received a home sharps container! How legit am I now?

One more day of birth control, two more days of the Z pack, and then I get a two day break until we deal with the nasty stuff. During that time, I only have to take the eight pills that I have been taking for a couple months.

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