20 June, 2016

Cycle Day 3

Perhaps I will occasionally think of witty titles for these posts, but let's face it: labeling the posts by days is much easier to keep track of.
Today is cycle day 3. Up until this point, I have taken one baby aspirin, four prenatal vitamins, and three Coenzyme q10 tablets. Today I added one pill. I am now taking a birth control daily for ten days. "Birth control?" you think. "She desperately wants a baby and she is taking birth control? Wow, her clinic must be getting it wrong." By taking birth control for a short period of time, it will line up all my eggs, getting them ready for the big race of seeing how many we can get to be nice and plump.
Not much else to report here. I am slightly nervous to see how hormonal I get on birth control because during the three months I took birth control at the beginning of my marriage, I was not myself. I hope the fact that I have taken many other hormones over the last six months will boost my chances of not becoming a crazy hormonal beast.
Because I came home early from my trip means that I get to attend a shot class offered by my clinic. I will go on Wednesday to watch them demonstrate how to successfully stab myself with metal.

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