18 June, 2016

Let's Start IVF

It's official.
IVF is about to start. Today is cycle day one. It is also the day we cut our European vacation short. I never thought I would cut a vacation (let alone a European vacation) short, but it made the most sense. And now because I am in the Detroit airport for a few hours, I will recount in depth why the vacation is concluding now instead of five days from now as per the plan.
On Monday, I woke up with a sore throat and small cough. I thought nothing of it as occasionally I get a sore throat and/or cough during the school year and the majority of the time, it dissipates quickly.
Tuesday, the cough worsened. Still not a problem. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Wednesday was bad. I was incredibly sore when I woke up and I ached all over. I alternated between having a fever and having the chills. The cough was getting bad and had a bark to it. I took a nap in the afternoon, woke up abruptly, dashed to the bathroom, and watched as the contents of my stomach poured out of my mouth. I hate throwing up. I hadn't thrown up for four years when I had a bad case of food poisoning. It was also around this time that I started getting nasty it-looks-as-though-I-lost-an-appendage bloody noses.
Thursday I lost my voice. I went from whispering to talking in my squeaky and quiet voice. My little brother and I were at the airport, getting oyster cards for our group. Standing in the line, crazy coughing began and it suddenly turned into me throwing up. Baby brother and I eyed each other, my cheeks bulging as we were beckoned to the next pay station.
Friday night was the most intense. I had woken myself up every night with coughing, but this time was different. There was hardly any time between coughs to breathe. After a few seconds of this, blood started to gush out of my nose. Then I felt my stomach churn. I'm sure I was very glamorous as I threw up while coughing with blood pouring out of my nose. This is the stuff of nightmares, people.
Today (Saturday), I have yet to throw up! The coughing comes and goes and my voice is still gone.
We wanted to continue with the rest of our trip even with my crazy sickness. However, husband's dad had a heart attack yesterday. W was worried, but my father-in-law will be fine. We still wanted to continue on the trip.
I was super worried though. This month I should be healthier than any other time in my life. This is the worst month ever to be sick. I wanted to cruise the streets of Vienna, but more of me wanted to cuddle up in bed with a book and cup of soup.
Then came our day at the airport today.
5:45 Leave apartment.
5:50 Discover the entire subway line that we needed to take is closed all day today.
6:00 Get on different subway line.
7:00 Arrive at Heathrow and go through security. Discover that our flight will be delayed by 90 minutes.
7:20 Cozy up with breakfast.
7:30 Realize the flight has now been cancelled.
7:40 Talk to a fight agent who says she cannot change our flight. We have to go through immigration to do that.
10:00 Make it through immigration.
12:15 Get through ticket line. Only option the agent gives us is to rebook the flight and arrive at 9 p.m.
12:20 We decide we're tired and would rather just go home. Delta is much more helpful over the phone than Austrian Airlines is in person. They switch our return ticket for $20. We cancel our flight to Vienna.
2:30 After rushing through the airport to another terminal, we make it through security again (they decide to look through my bag this time) and to our flight with 20 minutes to spare. Phew!

Now it's time for me to focus on getting better.

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