27 June, 2016

Cycle Day Ten: Water Ultrasound

This morning I volunteered for a reading program for young elementary-aged children which ended up being a good thing. This meant that I was distracted from thinking about what was to come.
I was not nervous for my water ultrasound. I have had dye tests to make sure my tubes are open and I have had three IUIs not to mention a countless number of transvaginal ultrasounds. How much worse could a water ultrasound be?
Much worse, according to my informal research on the subject.

When I was pulled back into the exam room, I was slightly surprised that it was one of the regular exam rooms I had been in before. For some reason, I thought I would be lead to a special room, equip to deal with water leakages.
Our technician entered and I was stoked to see it is my favorite technician. I had not seen her since the IUI days. She sat down and explained what would happen. They would insert a catheter into my uterus, stick in the ultrasound stick, and pump saline water in via the catheter to fill the uterine cavity. By doing this, it helps see things that you cannot normally see with a regular ultrasound such as polyps. We asked our technician to see how common it is to see a problem and she gave us a 15-20% chance of seeing something that would postpone an IVF session. That is a low percentage, but hey, there is also a super low percentage that a couple would have to deal with male infertility, and we got stuck with that.
It took a while to get the catheter in. Our technician remembered doing our first IUI (which took forever and the process was halted for 20 minutes so I could drink water to help insert the catheter) and asked how much water I had this morning. Even though I visited the bathroom on my way to the exam room, I drank quite a bit of water this morning to prepare for this. We tried catheter number 2 and it went in easier. For some reason (hunger, maybe) my legs were shaking like mad. The technician was worried I was in a terrific amount of pain.
When they started inserting the water, it was a strange feeling, but not because of the slight cramping. The water almost immediately started coming right back out. A trickle of water pooled onto the table. We checked the uterus and the ovaries. I received a (figurative) gold star and was sent on my way.

I receive the rest of my meds tomorrow. Yesterday I started taking a Z Pack to help me stay healthy on the journey. I only have three days of birth control left. My next appointment is on Friday for a baseline ultrasound and blood work. This thing is really going to get going soon.

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