21 June, 2016

Cycle Day 4: How I Pop my Pills

I do not feel as though I have changed much in the first 24 hours of taking birth control. I had a blood sugar crash around noon yesterday which I attributed to being really hungry, but husband decided was the fault of the pill.
I have never taken many pills or vitamins. My mother would dole out the chewy kid vitamin variety to my siblings and me when I was little, but I rarely took a pain killer or other drugs. Heck, I do not even know the names or uses of many common drugs. Just a year ago, I was visiting someone and they asked me to read a drug bottle to see how much tylenol was in said pill. After scanning the 6-point font, I innocently remarked that there was not any tylenol in the pills. I was given a look and told that it might say acetaminophen. Oh. I did see that word.
Taking this many pills can be tricky, but with the help of an adorable prop, pill taking can be a fun part of your daily ritual. Every morning upon taking the first round of pills, I put everything left to take in this adorable pineapple bowl: 
 (The above picture is a lie. It contains all my pills. I have never put all my pills in the bowl except to show you what it would look like if I was OCD enough to put the pills in the bowl directly prior to popping half of them in my mouth. The bowl usually looks like the picture under this caption.)
(To help with sizing, the small yellow pill in the first picture is aspirin. I once had a coworker lovingly refer to some of those vitamins as horse pills. I do have to gag them down some mornings when my body does not like the idea of taking large pills.)
After I take my first round of pills and vitamins, I plop the rest in the bowl to remind me I still have to take them. Let's face it: I am a busy person. (Okay, I am not terribly busy in the summer, but life is more fun with a pineapple bowl.) I do not want to forget how many vitamins I have taken.

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