23 June, 2016

Cycle Day Six: Shot Class

I went back and forth, trying to decide if I wanted and needed to go to the shot class. Husband had to work last minute, so I would be going solo. I wanted one more day of laziness (healing) before getting back to my regularly scheduled plans.
I ended up at my clinic just before 3:00. I thought they would be quite a few people waiting to attend. Shockingly, there was only one couple that joined me for the event.
I was curious as the doors were opened and both our names were read. The other girl looked slightly familiar. Whether I knew her or I've just seen her in passing at the clinic I will probably never know.
I was curious. What was her story? Why was she here? I could tell that she had not done any IUI cycles. Has she been pregnant before like me? How many years has she tried?
I was not terribly chatty during the brief demonstration. Partly because I've done a shot before and partly because I did not want to start coughing. The other couple asked good questions that I had prior to the first injection.
The coordinator showed how to mix and inject the different medications I would be taking. No big unknowns came up for me except that sometimes the needles can bend on one of the meds. Yikes.
She also suggested pinching my stomach hard when I do the injections to take my mind off the stinging of the meds. The one shot I am not excited for (okay, I am not excited for any of these injections) comes after the IVF procedure. I get to inject an oil dose of progesterone in my rear for the first six weeks of pregnancy. It makes sense. My body will not be aware that it created a baby (because my body will not be creating a baby) so it will not know to produce progesterone. I have to do the shots until the placenta can take over.
I don't start injections for another week and a half. Between now and then, I have blood work, a baseline ultrasound, and (not excited for this) a water ultrasound.

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