11 July, 2016

Cycle Day Twenty-Five: Trigger Shot

I went in for another round of ultrasound + blood work this morning. Instead of my favorite nurse, an ultrasound technician performed the ultrasound. She did not seem to do as thorough of a job with the ultrasound. She found 25 follicles in just a few minutes. Normally ten to fifteen minutes are spent on the ultrasound.
I received the call late in the afternoon. Time to trigger ovulation (and undo the actions of the "follicle glue"). The timing on this is a tricky thing. If you trigger too early, all the eggs will be released and all the money washed down the drain. I was told to specifically trigger at 9:00 pm. It brought back the first two times I have used this injection. I was slightly terrified the first time I saw the supplies because of the size of the needle.

It is so thick and long. Thankfully, it is only the needle to withdraw the fluid. The injection needle is as tiny as all the other needles I have been using.

The other important information that was revealed? Drumroll, please...
I am at a high risk to develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). When I have my blood drawn, they measure my estrodiol level. Whenever that number gets over 3000, there is a risk of OHSS. I was measuring just under 5000 today. Other causes for OHSS? Having a large number of follicles (check), having a low BMI (check), under 35 (check), PCOS (nope). I fit most of the qualifiers.
What are the funs symptoms that I might enjoy? Rapid weight gain (such as 5 pounds in a day or 10 pounds in three days), severe abdominal pain, severe and persisting nausea and vomiting, decreased urination, dark urine, shortness of breath, tight or enlarged abdomen, etc. (Many women that have OHSS look as though they are several months pregnant-not really fair.)
I will know less than a week after the egg retrieval if this will plague me. Some women receive it within hours of the procedure.
I am not terribly worried about this, but if I do receive OHSS, we will have to cancel the embryo transfer and instead do a frozen transfer in a month.

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